windows 10 error

  1. coozer

    HDD problem

    My PC did a windows 10 upgrade that took hours, now it has deleted one of my hard drives. Ive looked everywhere I can and it seems some file system is missing.. Looking in the bios at boot time I cannot see the disc... There seems to be lots of stuff on the net that wants my money to fix this...
  2. N

    Windows 10 Windows tap driver error for vpn

    Hi hopefully someone can help me, I have been trying to install the windows tap driver on windows10 OS, I keep getting an error near the end of the instal devcon.exe failed, I can see the driver in device manager whilst its installing with a yellow exclamation mark, but when this devcon.exe...
  3. burnage

    Windows 10 Windows 10 password recovery

    My mate's pc was blue screening, so he has got in to the system recovery section but it now wants a password from a hotmail account that hes not used for years, he got microsoft to rest the password but the pc still has the original password until it boots and connects to the net again. Is...
  4. dsayers2014

    Windows 10 Windows store not loading after Windows reset

    Hi hoping someone can help me out I had to reset windows 10 and now windows store wont load when I click it it just gives a spinning circle then closes. Plus Skype was giving an error unable to open Search wasn't working. So I did some research and found this...
  5. U


    I keep getting a dpc watch dog violation now and then, I have tried various method in fixing it like changing the driver to standard etc and do you disk checkup. Any suggestion on what I can do to avoid it.