1. N

    First time building nas

    Hi everyone, hoping you can help advice before any money gets wasted The plan is to setup a Nas on a vessel accross 5 floors with up to 30 people at a time able to access. Everyone needs to be able to access wirelessly using either phone/tablet or laptop. Ideally downloading files to watch...
  2. channelking

    Sony MDR-RF810R Headphones

    Hi guys So I bought this headhphones about 8 years ago I think but had put it away as was having issues with it. Never used them Well cleaning the garage came across them but still having same issues as I did all those years ago with them. So I dont get any sound whatsoever coming through the...
  3. D

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend 8500 uploading data

    I have an xtrend box that is uploading data , I can see the figure for sent and its huge , one day it did 89 Gig with no one at the house, I'm on a 20 Gig / day with my ISP (Imagine.ie) , the only way at the moment to stop it is unplug the ethernet cable. Imagine dont let us log in to the...
  4. O

    Zgemma WiFi

    Hi all I want to setup WiFi on my Zgemma H2s but I don't seem to have the WLAN option when I got Menu > Setup > System > Network > Device Setup I have Wooshbuild V5 and the relevant Realtek TP-link drivers installed. Can anyone shed a light on this please?
  5. frundlemud

    Sky SR hub router poor

    Hi, I have the older hub and this has a poor overall review, slow, outdated generally crappus. I thought to buy a Sky Q hub router from the bay for £30. (sky offer a upgrade for aroud £60+ postage.) Anything I should consider ? ta
  6. J

    Wireless Adaptor Help

    Trying to set up a TP Link wireless adapter (https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Wireless-USB-Adapters/TP-LINK-Archer-T1U-AC450-11ac-Nano/B0159ED6L6 ) could anyone help by letting me know which drivers ect that need to be installed because at the minute i can't get it to show up
  7. A

    Broadlink rm pro

  8. F

    External Cable Cover

    Hi, Please can someone advise were I can buy a length of the brown cable cover (as installed by VM) shown on the attached picture. I'm struggling to find it online.
  9. F

    mac address

    just wondering about mag256 mac addresses, on the back there is printed mac address, but in settings, this corresponds to the wired mac address, and there is another mac for wireless. does it matter which one i use, or do i have to use the one printed on the back (een if i am connecting...
  10. B

    MINI Edison OS Mini

    Can anyone comment on the wireless feature of this box? Does it work well? Ie, no real issues with freezing etc. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk