wooshbuild vu+ solo2

  1. M

    Vu+ zero openvix to Whooshbuild v5 not flashing

    hi there, I just wanted to ask, I'm having trouble trying to set up my vu+ zero with wooshbuild v5. My box currently has openvix but I am trying to update to wooshbuild. I have restored 2 usbs to fat32 and placed my line and the image to the usb. I have then turned the box on and it still...
  2. wooshman

    WooshBuild v5 - Vu+ Solo2m Vu+ Solo4K, & Vu+ Zero

    WooshBuild v5 'Leading the way so others can follow' Vu+ Solo2, Vu+ Solo4k and Vu+ Zero Install instructions: http://www.techkings.org/zgemma-star-h-2s/109524-wooshbuild-v5-zgemma-h2s.html#post615962 The install instructions may be slightly different, but simply put, you extract the...