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WooshBuild Restart issues on wooshbuild infinity - Vu Solo2


Hi guys,

I've trawled through this thread for a solution but I can't find any: WooshBuild - Wooshbuild Infinity Support Thread

I've got WB infinity installed and all set up - brilliant! However, when I restart my Vu Solo2 box (Menu > Standby/Restart > Restart or Deep Standby) my box does not reload. It gets stuck on the Wooshbuild splash page. I have to hard restart several times and then eventually the box will load up (this morning it took 10 goes!)

Reading the above thread, I have set EPG on Reboot to "Never", however the issue still persist.

Has anyone else experience this? Is there a solution for this?

Thank you!


TK Veteran
Try a reflash and see if it happens again,Any problems ask beni (Mod) or flash another image like grog as pretty much the same.
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Since I reflashed with OpenATV 6.3 and reinstalled Infinity, I have not experienced that problem. I too have the Vu Solo2 and also had similar reboot problems.