1. C

    Dsayers 6.1 image - A few teething issues

    Hi guys, I've managed to update my box from the old 6.0 image to Dsayers 6.1 image and it runs really well. However there are a few issues that need resolving: 1. IPTV does not update or work. When I try updating from the current version (2017.10.23.01), I get the message "THERE IS NO UPDATE...
  2. mtpockets

    Xorion LogoMatik 2017-03-05

    Xorion LogoMatik This link downloads a self extracting .rar file (for Windows PC). Once installed enter your box ip and username / password in the ftp settings. Click the "Scan E2 STB" button you can retrieve all the logos of your device, save them as images and MVI, and modify and send...