1. S

    what does yellow light in Bouquet Maker Extream mean

    Sometimes when I go to edit my line in Bouquet Maker Extream....or using XStreamity playlist editor my line is active with 1 active connection, Max Conn 1 but the light is YELLOW. That should be green. Why would it be yellow?
  2. L

    IPTV Concierge V1.0 for E2m3u2bouquet Jedimakerxstream Xstreamity

    IPTV Concierge is a Windows application For editing E2m3u2bouquet config.xml and Jedimakerxstream and Xstreamity playlists.txt files, saving and uploading the files to any STB running Enigma2. The version of E2m3u2bouquet that is supported by IPTV Concierge is the modded version by Dorik1972...
  3. noddyrams


    Morning all, could someone please point me in the right direction to working out what version of Xstreamity I have installed and then how to update that please to what ever is the latest version? Thanks everyone