zgemma h7s

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    Cable zgemma h7s adding a second terrestrial tuner

    Hi I recently got my new h7s up and running with sat and saorview and everything is working great with openvix I would like to add a second terrestrial tuner to the box so that i can watch one and record another saor channel at the same time. There is alot of information about the HMP-COMBO |...
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    Satellite New flash, slow box

    Hi My H7s started crashing at weekend and became unusable. I struggles to get it to flash but eventually manages it via the blue button and online flash, and then set up using wooshbuild. Since then it feels slow to use, channel zap is slow and overall just seems sluggish. I've looked at...
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    Zgemma h7s (new box) setup won’t flash from usb

    25 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 Hi thanks for the add. ive searched the forum but can’t find any simple instruction the flash and setup the box (probably due to the ago of the box) and was wondering if somebody could help? ive opened openatv and found the downloadable files and copied them...
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    Satellite Seem to have lost regional ITV channel (Border Scotland)

    Hi, Usually use ITV Border Scotland as my channel 3, but it stopped working a few days ago. Did a manual scan to see if it would be picked back up, and it didnt make a differnece. Tried using AutoBouquet maker and it's gave me UTV instead. Not sure why, as region is set to Border Scotland...