2 routers: ISP router / VPN router. IPTV connection problem when switching routers.


Hi all,

I setup a secondary router connected to my home isp router. Via lan to wan. Lan from my first router connected to the wan port of my VPN asus route. I changed the lan ip for both routers, first and secondary VPN router to .. Both routers work brilliant and i uploaded the vpn profiles from my express vpn subscription with good speeds.

at this point i connected both routers to a 2 in 1 network switch with buttons as you can see below, so my father can switch between both routers when needed. Basically his iptv subscription sometimes blocks on weekend and i thought this method would help as it changes from his home router to the vpn by the click of a button. as he is not tech savvy

Though, i have come across a problem, my problem is now when you switch from 1 router to the other, my fathers IPTV channels do not come on straight away. for instance, tonight. There is no ISP block, so both home router without vpn will work fine, and the VPN router will also work fine. But for test purposes, i was switching between the two by pushing the buttons but came across a problem. The IPTV was limited to switching to 1 one router at time in a 20 min limit. For example if i was to switch from router 1 the iptv shows fine but then in 5 mins i want to switch to router 2 to test, but the IPTV would not show. So i have to go back to router 1 which works fine. wait atleast 20 mins then i can go to router 2 and then the iptv will work. but if 5 mins after i want to go back to router 1 i cant till after 20 mins. vice versa.

I dont know why this is happening, i contacted my subscription supplier and asked if VPN was allowed he confirmed that it was, i was just worried that the suppliers servers is flagging the instant ip switch on my side and therefore blocks change till after a certain refresh time. Just wanted things to be instant.

do you possibly know why this my be happening ? and how i could over come it.

Sorry its a little confusing but i hope you understand.

below is what i brought and also how i connected my routers.


Thanks mate and sorry for the lengthness.


Sounds like your iptv provider is using an IP lock. Which can be changed every 15 to 20 mins. To allow switching to vpn which gives a different IP address. When needed for blocks. I use a linksys ac1900 V2 router flashed with dd-wrt firmware. I use policy based routing For my iptv devices so these connect to my vpn. And any other device connects to my isp . But it's also good practice to use a vpn for all devices. For the xtra security


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Instead of messing switching between routers just have everything connected to vpn router would be a lot easier then having to wait or message your provider see if he has isp lock on his panel and having to wait 20 mins before you can switch between it would be better just to use vpn or router or find a supplier Where's there's no blocks when football is on so in real terms your dad is missing nearly 1dt or second half of football as having to wait for ip lock to refresh so you can use vpn router?


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Why is your 2 router on a different network,?
Primary router should be
Have dhcp start at .20 on on one router to say .100
2nd router .101 to .200
Set your box to fixed IP of