360 Modification USB Drive v1.6


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>> FrostyTheSnowman released '360 Modification USB Drive v1.6' to replace the 360 Modification Disc(info) tool. From readme/nfo:
- Complete Modding Solution for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On
- USB-Based Successor to 360 Modification Disc Project
- iXtreme v1.6 (12x) Firmware
- 0800 Mode for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On (thanks to iXtreme v1.6)
- USB Flash/Thumb Drive Bootable!
- Supports Samsung TS-H943
- Supports BenQ VAD6038
- Supports Lite-On DG-16D2S
- Supports Previously Modded Drives
- Supports Previously Spoofed Drives
- 100% DOS Based Dumping & Flashing
- Fully Automatic Dumping & Flashing
- Step-by-Step Instructions
- Backup of all drive-related files to USB flash/thumb drive!

Changes in v1.6:
- 360 Modification Disc v1.6 discontinued in favor of USB-based version (this one)
- NTFS support dropped, backup files are now saved to USB flash/thumb drive
- NTFS-related freezing issues fixed (due to dropping of NTFS support)
- Many code fixes in regards to backup firmware files
- Bugs fixed in backup folder generation
- Overall speed/performance improved

Official Site: n/a, by FrostyTheSnowman
Download: n/a
News-Source: xbins.org