A "Redesigned PS3" To Be Announced?


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A PlayStation Lifestyle article is stating that Sony may introduce a newly 'redesigned' PlayStation 3 at the upcoming E3 event. This is also when the imminent release of the PSP Go! updated handheld is reported to be.

There were no other specifics posted, but PSL posts a few possibilities including the possibility that the redesign may include some new color choices.

Another possible and interesting rumor is that the upcoming console will be a 'PS3 Slim.' The console would also be lighter, and more streamlined, somewhat like the PS2 Slim models.

We will keep you posted.


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Interesting, would like to know more details about it. Not that I need anything different as of now, but ................... :)


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Keep in mind that at this point this is still a rumor and speculation. There's even some photos floating around the net of supposed prototypes. Nothing official from Sony yet.

I expect E3 to be big a really big deal this year.


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Rumor: Redesigned PS3 to be Revealed at E3

From playstationlifestyle.net:
Of course this is just yet another rumor, as there is no official confirmation. But we caught word that Sony is set to not only reveal the PSP Go at E3, but another hardware redesign will be debuted as well.

We didn't get any specifics, but we speculate that it could be one of a couple different options. First off, it very well could be as simple as a white or a silver PS3, to go with the white and silver Dualshock 3's that have been made available. This makes sense, as most people would want their controllers to match their consoles.

The other option, and the one we are leaning toward is a slimmed down, model. Maybe with some updated specs. Nothing major of course as to not alienate current PS3 owners, but there is an off chance they could add something small like bluetooth 3.0 support. When we caught wind of this, the exact word "redesign" was used, which leaves me to believe that it is indeed a PS3 slim. Announcing a different color wouldn't exactly warrant the term "redesign".

Full Story: playstationlifestyle.net