A-volute 3D sound experts popup


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I keep getting this popup when I switch on my laptop, Its wanting to make changes to my HDD
I have looked in startup programs and Task Manager but I cant find it anywhere
I think it started after an update, its just been the last 2 or 3 days.
My laptop is an MSI running windows 10
Anyone any idea where I can find it to stop it?
Ive tried looking online and it says to give it administrator rights, and I would if I could find it


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go to control panel recovery open system restore click next tick show more restore points and it should be named in there if its critical keep it if not restore laptop to before it was installed


Read your sorted this already Makido, but if anyone else is looking for an easy way to fix this:

I have an ASUS computer and I had the same problem. It seems this also happened to Dell users.
What causes this for me is the Sonic Studio app. What solved the problem for me was to run it as an Admin.

To do that, Search for the app, right click on it and select "Open File Location".
Then right click on the program, click "Properties", go to the "Compatibility" Tab and check the "Run This Program as Administrator" option, and save it.
The annoying popup's gone every time you start the computer.