ABM Not switching channels



I'm running OpenATV on a Mutant HD51. I've got a multiswitch feeding 9.0E and 28.2E into both tuners of the Mutant.

I've got ABM to generate the 9.0E and 28.2E EXAMPLE files and I then created a custom mix for the 28.2E list which brings in the 9.0E channels.
However, what happens is that no tuner is selected when I key in the channel number of the 9.0E channels. I can see from the info bar that 9.0E is the selectd satellite.

I can watch the 9.0E channels by selecting them via TV -> Providers and accessing them this way.

What is preventing the Mutant from selecting a tuner in this instance? One thing is that I had to set up a satellite myself overwriting the built in 9.0E tuner for Saorsat as it was not picking up a signal. Noone I know of uses the setup in the Satellites.xml.

I must have missed an update of something - any idea what I've overlooked?

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Can’t see abm really doing anything with it
Well I don’t think

I have a motor setup
But I use a custom bouquet files and switch just fine
On atv 6.2


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I used abm on my motorised setup with a downloaded vhannibal bouquets and had issues.
I bet if you rebooted box you can get other options.


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I don’t use plugin settings
None of the bouquets I really like
So I do it myself. More messing around


The channels work individually on both satellites. it is only when i try to use the bouquet and custom file that it goes wrong.
Is it possible that I've missed a reference to the ka-sat that needs to be removed ?

If it can't be resolved here are there any other forums dealing with abm?


Just spent some time playing about with it tnoight.

With the 'fake' 10.765GHz, 25,000, V, 2/3, DVB-S2, QPSK transponder and the Mutant tuner setup pointed to 'Universal LNB' I can get a signal and I can get access to the channels via the provider list.
My update for this to satellites.xml looks like:

    <sat name="9.0E Ka-band Eutelsat 9B &amp; Ka-Sat 9A" flags="1" position="92">
       <transponder frequency="10765000" symbol_rate="25000000" polarization="1" fec_inner="2" system="1" modulation="1" />
This allows me to get a response using the signal finder and it allows me to obtain and view all Saorsat channels.
However, the Saorsat generated bouquet from ABM will not work - even though it looks correct. All channels are greyed out/

I was on the OpenVix website and the ABM authors were responding (huevos I think) and they refused to help after they learnt I was using OpenATV.

I tried their recommendation of using KA-SAT LNB setup, but there is no signal to be found using it.

I've generated a satellites.xml file from https://satellites-xml.eu/ and I found that the setup of KA-SAT for Saorsat transponder is incorrect:

<transponder frequency="20185000" symbol_rate="25000000" polarization="0" fec_inner="2" system="1" modulation="1"/>
The polarisation setting is 0 - which is horizontal. When using 20.185 frequency you then need to use the Left Circular polarisation setting - which is 2. I updated this in the satellites.xml and FTP'ed it to my Mutant.
However, I suspect that there is something wrong with the internal setup of the definition of KA-SAT within the OpenATV image which is inhibiting it from picking up the signal.
How can I check this setup?

As an aside, I thought that by using the 10.765 transponder setup it would sidestep this problem. However, for some reason ABM does not seem to like it, even though that it generates a bouquet for Saorsat which is correct in its appearance. I suspect that there is still something within ABM which is pointing to the KA-SAT LNb which I have not been converted to the Universal 10.765 transponder setup.
Any ideas as to where this is or would it be something within the ABM itself which I cannot modify? The output example files for Saorsat do not have any KA-SAT references that I can see.

Any help appreciated - or even a pointer to somewhere that can assist.


Any possibility that the issue is due to the Example file being generated as EXAMPLE_hd_sat_0090_saorsat_CustomLCN despite the position being 92?
I would have expected that the Example file in this instance should be generated as EXAMPLE_hd_sat_0092_saorsat_CustomLCN.

This was previously an issue I pointed out and it was corrected, but I've only noticed now that the file name is not aligning. Could this be an issue with ABM?


I've noticed in the providers list (via TV button on Mutant remote) there is 9.0E Providers and another one entitled Eutelsat 9B/Ka-Sat 9A Providers. The first contains active channels, the second are all greyed out.