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Just a quick guide as may save me and you guys some time, Tried and tested. My most user friendly method to make things easier for who ever needs to add line details (y)

Config file goes into etc/tuxbox (attached)

Download which ever Osacm required from feeds or ftp across to the box
1) Go into softcam manager and change the cam to oscam-emu- tick to enable on startup using blue button (start oscam)
2) Type your ip address into your browser and it will give you an openwebif screen
3) Scroll down and click on Oscam Webinterface
4) Click on config (Tick) both as below and then scroll down to the bottom and save
Drop duplicate users:
Skip CWs checksum test:
5) Click on readers and you will see both sky_line and virgin_line protocol (newcamd)
6) you will see a pencil looking icon at the end of each line
7) Click on the one that applies

Openwebif infill guide, Enter your own details. Same for ccccam just different protocol

Enter,20201 (Host,port) into Device

Enter ------- into Userame

Enter ------ into Password

Key should have 0102030405060708091011121314

Bottom of the screen save- go into softcam manager and restart cam (LIKE ME AND MY TK BUDDY BAZZA) (BINGO)

More to follow if asked and i will continue to support


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