Advice needed for a new Satellite Receiver purchase


Hi, I'm looking to buy a new satellite receiver for home, not really set a budget and money isn't an issue but don't want to get ripped off in the process either, getting something that meets my requirements is more important.

  1. The receiver must be Dual Sat, as I'll be connecting my Sky+ HD cables to it. So it must have the ability to watch one and record another. I've heard about some receivers being able to take 3, even 4 Sat connections, this would be a nice to have but not necessary initially but nice if it could be added later
  2. I use Roomie / SimpleControl to control my entire house, which also controls my Sky+ HD box, albeit using IR. Most of the control is via IP, so would be nice to know what receivers support IP control and if they are compatible with Simple Control.
  3. Outputs - Must have HDMI and Optical with ability to send Stereo audio over HDMI and Dolby Digital over optical. This is due to how my current receiver drives another display in another room.
  4. I plan to install the OpenVix Image on to it, plus a few other mods. Looking around Vu+ Duo2 looks like a good bit of kit and also supports OpenVix, however I'm new to all of this and would gladly take advice if there are better alternatives around other than OpenVix, as we would like to keep the UI similar to what we currently have.
  5. Any support for Plex or other media servers would be an added bonus.
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