Advice on best video settings - Wooshbuild Infinity


Morning all,
I have a ZGemma 7S2 running Wooshbuild Infinity and wondered what the best settings were for video? There seem to be various options (native/all resolutions/simple) but I'm trying to find the best one and settings within that will eliminate the frame jerking I often get when watching VOD content on IPTV (I'm assuming it's a frame rate thing).

I have a 10bit UHD TV so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Screen grabs below - many thanks.

IMG_1811.JPG IMG_2661.JPG IMG_2141.JPG


There is no definitive answer. The display panel in your tv will have a fixed resolution, typically 1080 or 2160 these days and it uses electronics to adjust the input signal to match the resolution of the panel.

All panels work on a progressive signal.

The adjustment can take place in the tv box, in the tv or in some cases at the broadcast. For example and old tv signal could be 576i but could be transmitted at 576i. 720p, 1080i, 1080p etc. The tv or tv box needs to adjust this to match the display panel in your tv.

Given that a top tv costs a lot more than a zgemma i think it is reasonable ti expect the best picture quality to come when the tv does all the adjustment.

BUT, TV is broadcast at different settings and it takes time for the tv to adjust. In theory full or native should give best picture but will probably lead to picture and sound drop outs in adverts etc.

If this happens try simple with all 24,25,30hz options set to 24,25,30 rather than 50,60

Try options and see, just remember to save after changing