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Advice on PC Build :


Need some advice on PC build . It is my First Time. I've done some research but the more I look at it - The more confused I am. I will be using it for Moderate Gaming and Other stuff . No special needs. But I want it powerful enough.* My is Budget is 50k INR. Excluding keyboard , UPS and Mouse. The Problem is I don't know Where to start. I have another question too. When I* Google search PC build . It shows certain sites Where It gives me options of every part of the computer and so it goes on to Build my PC . My question is How accurate are these builds . Are they worth it? ...Thank you!

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Which country will you be purchasing the parts from?

It's best to select each part yourself this is better then builds for few reasons

1. each part has it's own warranty (graphics may have 2-5 years depending on brand)
2. you know what you are getting because you choose the parts builds tend to cut corners so you may get slow ssd/hdd or even ram
3. when others build it they add on fees which take chunk out of the budget

You can get good bundles depending who the retailer is which you get say cpu/mboard/ram only these can be good option if they are giving discounts for it otherwise stay clear of them

Which games are you most interested in playing on the new system?