Alfawise S92 TV Box Octa Core Armlogic S912


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Kszaq does do some s912 builds willo but unsure if this particular box is one of them. On my s905 I had to open the box up and work out wifi chip type and size of storage etc then look through the builds and family trees on the website to find one matching my device


Too many clones of ths box, meaning that some roms wont boot.
I used intel inside rom for my h96 pro box, the developer has fixed lots stuff for this box. The original rom is very buggy.
You can use xbox pad and ps4 via bluetooth.
Not sure about LibreElec installing and booting.
Side note, these boxes do get hot about 70 - 80 c, i had to place a usb fan under it to keep it cool. Also added some heatsink too.
Streaming 8 - 9 hours and the box is cooled at 45 - 55c.
The first box i purchased was from ebay and it was faulty but the seller sent me a new one. The faulty boxe would restart if i clicked or moved the arrow.

The roms available for my box are android TV version 3 based on Nvidia shield, modded 7.1.2, and KDMC the standard android rom.
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