AMD Tries to End the Gigahertz Wars


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AMD announced today (Sept 11 2009) that it would cease to market its chips based on technical specs like speed ratings and cache, effectively withdrawing it from the arms race that has been dominated by Intel since time immemorial. AMD will opt instead to market its wares under its new "Vision" banner, which rates chips by their intended purpose.


The company is resting its campaign on the chips' graphical performance, and will rate each chip as "See," "Share" and "Create," from least-powerful to most. Its acquisition of ATi, the GPU-maker, should bolster its new media-oriented cred -- but leaving out hard specs might make power users scoff. As the NYTimes Bits blog notes, nothing that AMD has been able to do lately has put a dent in Intel's sales, so a risky strategy might be in order.

Courtesy: Chris Dannen