Amiko Mini Combo Additional Setup - Prio and FTP Channel List


Hi all,

Did a good bit of searching the forums and couldnt find what I was looking for so will list it out here.

First of all, I have my amiko mini combo setup, with line and working fine via net client config. Just want to make it work better. 2 things I need to figure out.

1. I want to be able to update my channel list + fav groups via FTP. E.g. certain channels appear around ppv events/christmas and I don't want to manually set them up. Any tutorials on what is needed here? (This was done for me when i first got the box but after flash its gone. I would update every few months to get the new channels released)

2. Where do I configure cccam prio file for the same box?

Apologies if the info is out there on the forums already.