Android Emulator for Windows 10 PC


Hi Guys It's been some time since I've ventured on to the site. But I have an annoying Problem which I can't seem to fix. Does anyone no of a Good Free Emulator for Windows 10. I've tried Andy and every time I load some Music Files on to play the files they keep glitching. Any solutions to a fix or an alternative Quality Emulator. If anyone has come across this problem and solved it please enlighten Cheers Guys.


Found this..

"Leapdroid is an excellent option and one of the newer Android emulators out there.

Like most, it utilizes a virtual machine to create an Android instance on PC.

However, a ton of tweaks and optimizations have made it one of the sleeker options on the list.

It runs smoothly, boots quickly, and it scores impressively well on gaming benchmarks.

It also comes with built-in root access, support for over 98% of apps and games

(as per the developers), and it has a fairly active development team."


I didn't know about we can use Android on Windows 10. I'm using Windows 10 and didn't know about it thanks for your guidance about it friend and also anyone suggest me about which Android Emulator is the best for Windows 10?