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Android phone applications crashings


Numerous applications crashing, Android phone. Google stated that there was a bug in one the the recent updates. Google stated this has been fixed however apps still crashing.
Does anyone have a solution?


I had the same problem yesterday, ended up doing a factory reset. Damage limitation if you back up to whatever cloud you're signed up to before reset


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update you google chrome in the playstore and webview,the problem happened yesterday causeing apps to crash,its been fixed now


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Needed to reset mine yesterday! Google mail coming and going manic! Like a new one now! The only thing that took some time to get back online was bank!


yes had the same problem yesterday unknown that it was down to google. rang Huwaei and the girl there told me to go Settings-Apps-Apps-Android System-Webview-three dots-Uninstall updates-Confirm as a fix.
I found Android webview then lost it. ended up downloading some Repair Android app and its fine now touch wood