Any staffy owners?


As the title says really. Any Staffy owners or people with decent knowledge about the breed?
Got an 11 month puppy and about two months ago she started randomly limping, Raising her back leg off the ground, limping for a minute or so then back to normal.

Had her down the vet and the first vet said she has something called luxating patella which apparently means her knees keep dislocating. He wanted to operate ASAP ( for no other reason than financial gain i suspect). Same day i saw another vet for a second opinion and his opinion was it probably was a luxating patella but immediate surgery wasn't necessary but she will definitely need it in the near future.

Reason i'm asking advice is, for the last month or so she has been near enough perfect, she's done the raised back leg thing maybe twice for a few seconds. Is it possible as she's developing she's growing out of whatever the problem is? Not bothered about the cost of the surgery to be honest, i'm more bothered about the fact that if she has the surgery done she has to be confined to a cage for the following two months. I don't want to put the poor thing through that unless i absolutely have to.


It is common in Staffys to raise a rear leg as they fly around at 100mph so getting a small niggle is the norm mate.I've been around them since I was young and have had 2 wonderful friends who are sadly no longer alive,don't let a vet talk you into anything as they DO NOT always give advice that suits the patient,just their pockets.

See if you can get hold of 1 of these:

or this 1:

Best wishes and ask away for any advice/support in the future,and enjoy your time together

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Yes. My lads staff does the same. Never been an issue. Still going strong at 10 year old.