Any suggestions for which best box for VM and Sly Sept 2018


Hi its been a while since i posted here but i need some advise. I used to have a Starview box ages ago then V8s Open Box now have a Zgemma H.2H with vix ver 5.0 running.

I seem to be getting glitching on VM so im wondering if i should upgrade to Vix 6.2 or just get a new box.
Im sure this question has been asked before but as of now can someone suggest a good box and what build to use to watch VM and Sly?

Apologies in advance if Ive posted in the wrong section.
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Yes you can put the latest software on it. I would suggest OpenATV (the best imho) from their site without any build bloatware and build what you need into it.


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the H2H is an older box now but can still work well IF setup correctly. I would make a fresh image from scratch or flash with WB Infinity if your not up to making your own image. On any Zgemma I'd recommend ATV above VIX (nothing wrong with VIX but on Zgemma's ATV will give you less trouble overall).
As to upgrading your box: thats a choice not necessity... unless you want a faster responding box.


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As above,
I have a formulae F1 running VIX, very good box,
But if I were you I'd try OpenATV on your Zgemma, its native, VIX is patched, so may give more issues,


Thanks guys ive gone with OpenATV and Wooshbuild on top ... So far so good struggled with the EPG but got it sorted in the end by using Cross EPG plugin and ticking the correct download areas .

Thanks guys