anyone get AC3 Audio from any mag box?


Just curious had a few mag boxes, dont remember getting AC3 from any,

currently have mag 520,

Did a few searches, some people say try change SPDIF mode from PCM to Bitstream, when you change and save it reverts back to PCM,
if you go to inner portal, can change to there, but doesnt enable AC3,

Just wondering if anyone one is if success get AC3 from any mag,

On infomir websites, it does claim to support it on 520:
Audio formatsAC3, ACC, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV

get ac3 no problem from other media content on different devices,


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my 322 has never output ac3/DD from its spdif,its only pro logic on my amp,but I will try changing the PCM to bitsteam


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cool whats your configuration in mag to make it work?

whenever I change any settings in mag it doesnt hold them its reverts back,