anyone help with V+ box


need the commands to...
update the box...
turn the remote back to when volume worked.
and the fact my box is reading new card as really old 1 i had and the message says im going to loose channels in the next few weeks. now keepin mind im returning from eurovox and i think really could do with factory reset its not letting me on v+ section or anything.
could you pm me a list of known commands to get into the secret section ill work through them and at the end remove my logs from the services section.

"when i press v+ button" you have not subscribed to thiscall 150 and quote 1043 even got vm to resend signal, a so called m8 saud he could extract the contents of the card he said the old card to have a look at and i think hes pulled all he data from the new card and mabe wiped it clean also coz now it reads "sorry ou may have inserted your old viewing card, please insert the new card to continue viewing" any help on this would be a god send


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I found the following on Virgin Media's website, looks like they're reset procedure is just holding down the standby button till it reboots.:

Is the box frozen or failing to load?
Try rebooting your box by either pressing
the reset button on the front of the box
or if you do not have a reset button,
reboot by holding down the standby
button on the front of the box for 5
seconds. If your problem is not fixed
by this try unplugging it from the mains
power for 20 seconds and then plug it
back in. If this doesn’t work, it might
be because your box has over heated,
possibly because it has not been kept well
ventilated. Make sure it’s in a cool area
and avoid putting anything on top of it
(like the DVD player). If it does feel hot,
turn it off and let it cool down.