Anyone Use Photoshop Cs6??


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Hi Guys,
I recently rediscovered Photoshop seeing as I have been out of work sick for a few weeks.
Wooshman has been very generous with his time (and patience), showing me projects, helping me when I couldn't do something, etc.
I was just wondering is anyone else using photoshop, do they have any suggestions for my next project, what should my ultimate goal be, etc.?
I have attached a few of my projects below, all criticism will be taken as i am sure it was offered.

It started with Ice, then moved to flame

Wheelo Flame 2.jpg
I then decided to sit this image on a mirror

Wheelo Flame 3.jpg

Then @wooshman suggested I try take out the colour from an image, except for a specific area, which got me these two.
Carlee-taylor-descending 2.jpg
I then saw a tutorial how to add a picture to a photo of a brick wall and make it look like it was painted on, and got this

Brick wall background.jpg
Then I tried (not very sucessfuly, it may be the photo I chose?) to make a photo look like I had drawn it in pencil.Diving in Lanza.jpg
Then I moved onto GIFs, as I had seen the avatar that Woosh had created for myself and Benijofar. I started by removing the Mario figure, and replacing it with a picture from one of my diving trips.

Then moved onto these...


Continued below, only ten images allowed


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The above being my latest, as I learnt new methods to do things.

You may have noticed my avatar changing incessantly over the last two weeks, now you know why LOL
So, the question is, where next? any suggestions for projects, for a beginner, who is learning??


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I like the mirror image. But if your after suggestions, why not design a Techkings logo you can put on a t-shirt/hoodie/jumper to sell and raise some money for the forum


I would suggest also having a look at illustrator and after effects. You seem to have a grasp of Photoshop, so moving on to the above mentioned shouldn't be to difficult, as there UI's are similar, and there great programmes also. After that have a look into HTML and CSS. These can be hard to get a grasp of but once you do there very useful.


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So a few more projects came my way, here are the (mixed) results:-

3D Smartphone photo.jpg

City Fingerprint.jpg

Bohs Fingerprint.jpg

Fish In A Lightbulb.jpg

Shark in a Lightbulb.jpg

And I made a new avatar for @benijofar

I'm still looking for photoshop project tutorials to follow. Any Ideas?