Anyone Used iSMS2droid App to Transfer Texts from iPhone to Android?



Wondering if anyone has used the iSMS2droid app to transfer texts from iPhone to Android phone?

I recently switched from an iPhone 6 to a Huawei P20 Pro and am looking to get my texts on my new phone. I have backed up my iPhone on iTunes and have located the files with texts and call log history. I have placed these in the root folder of my new phone and then downloaded the iSMS2droid app. When in the app i have chosen the 'import messages' option which detect 27,000 texts and said it was downloading these. The process finished and a message said that it can take a while for all messages to come through to the phone itself. It has now been nearly 24 hours and i still dont have any at all. I have managed to import my call log which worked perfectly, but still no texts.

I have emailed their support team, but as yet haven't heard anything back. Has anyone completed this process and can offer any advice on anything i may have done wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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