Apple patch 6 Safari Vulnerabilities


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Apple patch 6 Safari Vulnerabilities

Posted: 12 Aug 2009 04:15 AM PDT

Apple patch 6 Safari Vulnerabilities

According to an article posted yesterday on ComputerWorld, Apple’s most recent update patched six security vulnerabilities within its Safari browser, this update comes one month after Apple last updated Safari (version 4.0.2).

Out of the six vulnerabilities all of them occurred in Windows XP and Vista editions, however four of them same vulnerabilities occurred in the Mac OS X edition. Half of the vulnerabilities found are said to be within WebKit (WebKit is the open source browser engine Safari uses).

One of the most surprising floors out of those patched is one issue with Safari’s ‘Top Sites’, this vulnerability was fixed by Apple preventing automated site visits from affecting the Top Sites list. Before this patch Apple warned “It is possible for a malicious website to promote arbitrary sites into the Top Sites view through automated actions,” and also added” This could be used to facilitate a phishing attack.”

To see full details on the vulnerabilities patched check out the full article on ComputerWorld, for those of you using Safari I would recommend updating to Safari Version 4.0.3.