Apple Tablet: Survey shows demand is high


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Apple Tablet: Survey shows demand is high

Posted: 23 Sep 2009 05:45 AM PDT

Apple Tablet: Survey shows demand is high

A recent survey has concluded that over 20 percent of buyers would already purchase the Apple Tablet, even though the mystery device has yet to be given its official unveiling by Apple.
AppleInsider | One-fifth of buyers interested in Apple's unseen tablet

As reported from Apple Insider, a survey from RBC Capital Markets has shown that 21 percent would be willing to purchase the upcoming tablet. The survey was conducted by over 3,100 people, with more than one-fifth willing to buy the Tablet. This is quite significant, as AI reveals that only 9 percent were interested in the original iPhone, way back in 2007.

It is now thought that the demand for the tablet, as well as Apple’s iPhone and Mac products are set to boost their stock to a very healthy level.

Let us know your thoughts on this. You can check out the graphs and other stats over at Apple Insider.