audi a3 with flashing spring on dash


hi iv a audi a3 2012 1.6 diseal but not all of a sudden the orange spring light flashes on the dash then the engine management light came up so plugged it into the computer it said air flow meter, iv tried changing the air flow meter few times now but still have same issue, the car is slowing down or going into limp mode, i just dont know what the problem is.

Anyone help me on this


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Try changing glow plugs. Recommended to change all .. once you change the 1st, it's just like changing Spark may need a torque wrench, tool hire shop will sort you out ..
What's the mileage out of curiosity


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Could well be a number of things but the most common on VAG engines is the egr valve / cooler and mass airflow sensor.
Could well be a duff glow plug but get it plugged in at a garage to scan any stored faults in the ecu etc.
Daughters car was showing same lights on dash and turned out to be a blown and faulty rear hatch lock mechanism believe it or not :unsure::ROFLMAO:


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I would ask if this car gets a regular service including fuel filter and most important motorway driving as the amount in soot buggers up many things.Yes get it scanned to narrow things down.
Not seen glow plugs having an effect in putting car in limp mode.Oil level checked and ok.
Egr do block up as well known if not motorway driving and might need an additive thrown in fuel tank every now and again to reduce soot.
Are you using a good brand of low ash oil?
Ahh the good old rubbers splitting as have had a few of them :fearscream:
Was the airflow replaced with identical one as same part numbers and codes erased?


It's not going into limp mode but just giving the orange spring flashing after a good 20 miles , it doesn't do it on short runs

When the engine management light comes on which isnt all the time when spring comes on i put it on the comp n say air flow sensor which has been replaced