GrogBuild Autobouquets Maker running when booting up


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As users of Grogbuild Freerange will know it is setup to run an ABM scan each time the box boots up, this was needed so when you first flash Grogbuild FreeRange it would run a scan and your box was ready to role. You will also know this is a pain in the rear end, the fact every time you restarted the gui an ABM scan would run, making it appear to take forever to boot up

A few weeks ago I made some changes to this and made it a plugin, the plugin is installed by default during setup so it still runs a scan during bootup but now you can uninstall the plugin so it no longer does it each and every time you restart the gui.

To remove the plugin, from the TV picture, press the green button followed by the red button to take you to the 'Removable plugins' list, now select SystemPlugins -> autostartabm and remove the plugin.

As I say this change was made about 5 weeks ago as I wanted to test that removing it didn't cause anyu issues before going public, so if you flashed your box before early october then you won't have this option. However, if you did flash it before then, you could install the autostartabm plugin and then remove it as that should delete the code I was using prior to making it a removable plugin but I have NOT tested that theory.