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Hi All,

First of all, no I am not bull sh1tting, so please read on.

Over the last few years I have been involved in horse racing and betting systems as I have seen a lot of things behind the scenes which made me thought it was all fixed.
Looking into certain races, winners, losers, volumes bet on certain horse etc.

I found a pattern, and I have been using it to make pretty good money betting on horse races, but the work is tedious analysing races, odds, movements, etc. etc. etc. and as a human, I make mistakes.

So I wanted to automate (or at least semi-automate) the rules and process into an app, I found a developer on who specialises in gambling apps, and together we have developed an app (Windows PC only at the moment), which runs on a VPS (needs to be on internet 24/7 on fast connection!) and receives commands from a master which is doing the heavy calculations and tells the slave what to bet on.

This is going so well, I am having a website developed to market it and sell it, what I would like is feedback on the monthly price I should charge for access to the app and VPS to host it.

Windows VPS with 2Gb RAM and 20Gb HDD with 2vCPU is around £20 month, it has to be UK IP/hosted on SSD, not a cheap XEN £5 unlicensed Windows.
I was thinking £300 per month all in.
£75 week, £60 for app and £15 for VPS.

I have run a few test accounts with initial investment of £100 into betting account, making £20 average per day over 5 day week (some weeks 6 days racing!) is £400 profit per month, still leaving £100 float. In the test accounts every race I moved the winnings to another wallet. If you leave the float to grow, it averages £600 per month.

With a £1000 float it does not grow exponentially due the odds moving with higher bets and lower liquid capital on the race. A £1000 float grows to £4000 a month on average, some higher some lower.

My problem is I can only open 1 account with my detais and my partner can have 1 account.

I know this cannot scale to thousands of users as that amount of liquidity does not exist in the exchangers and accounts might get closed, but I want to make some money while it lasts.

If you are interested in becoming a ALPHA tester, drop me a PM.

Thanks for reading.


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I have added some screen shots from my betting account.

Click on Media or Albums/EQuiLayPlus

Yes the amounts are low, but that is during testing, put a zero on the end or 2 zeros to get a feel for growth.


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Hey snowman. I would be interested in testing this if you have already had enough testers. Wouldnt mind some more info. Cheers
Pabloescaban on another note have you any idea what happened to At The Races?? Seems to have gonna off since about the 26th of this month!


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Sorry beans make me fart!!!

in his graphic on the right, he picked two winners, 1/20 and 1/12, and in the other he picked four winners, two at 1/26, one at 1/21 and the other at 1/64

ATR dissapeared from Sat but is still on cable and iptv
Yeah I seen that. Pabloescaban. Those short prices are in the place markets and are probably actually good prices. The Lay prices I don't love but am just interested to chat to him about it.