Bahamas police catch fugitive Barefoot Bandit


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Police in the Bahamas say they have captured a fugitive US teenager known as the Barefoot Bandit.


The 6'5" (1.9m) teenager had been in
the Bahamas for a week

Colton Harris-Moore was caught early on Sunday on the island of Eleuthera, a spokeswoman for the Royal Bahamas Police Force said.

The hunt turned to the Bahamas when Harris-Moore flew an allegedly stolen plane in from the US and crash-landed.

It was the latest in a series of suspected thefts of aircraft, boats and cars by Harris-Moore.

He has been dubbed the Barefoot Bandit as he is thought to have carried out many of his alleged offences with no shoes on.

"Without any incident, Colton Harris[-Moore] was taken into custody this morning," Sgt Chrislyn Skippings of Bahamas police told US-based Fox television.

"People were amazed that this teenager was able to make his way down here," she said.

Harris-Moore was later taken to the capital, Nassau. He is expected to be handed over to US authorities under an extradition treaty.

The Cessna 400 light aircraft allegedly stolen from an airport in Bloomington, Indiana, came down off Abaco Island in the Bahamas.

Police picked up his trail on Eleuthera after recovering a power boat allegedly stolen from a marina on Abaco, some 40 miles (65 km away), AP news agency reported.

The teenager has been on the run from US police since 2008 and is accused of at least three journeys in stolen planes despite never having had flying lessons.

Just days ago, the FBI announced a $10,000 reward for Harris-Moore's capture.

Frequent run-ins with the law culminated in a three-year sentence of detention, but after early release he absconded from a halfway house in April 2008, and allegedly began a spree of burglaries.

He is accused of repeatedly breaking into empty holiday homes, taking food, stealing electronic items and even using stolen credit cards to get deliveries of items essential for surviving in the woods.