Batman started as a rhythm-action game -- and other Arkham Asylum secrets


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by James Ransom-Wiley { 9 hours ago }

Well, whaddya know? It's not just an Unreal license, painstaking design and dynamic gameplay that make for a Game of the Year candidate. It also takes three cans of whipped cream, 14 nationalities, 44,674 polygons (in one plant!), 314 breakable TVs, and six babies. That's right. If you're looking to crack Rocksteady Studio's formula for success, GameInformer has squeezed out a few of Batman: Arkham Asylum's most intimate secrets.

No, we're not talking solutions to Riddler's challenges or tips for combating fear toxin (hint: just breathe), but rather insight into key development ingredients; like what sports team had the most support from the staff? (Answer: Arsenal Football Club.) And did you know? The game's combat morphed from a rhythm-action game to a 2D prototype that "involved colored circles bashing into each other" before it was revised into its final design.

To think: We were this close to another horrendous Batman game ...

From - Joystiq [Xbox]