BenQ’s New LED Monitors: V2400 and V2200


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BenQ’s New LED Monitors: V2400 and V2200

Posted: 16 Sep 2009 07:49 AM PDT

BenQ’s New LED Monitors: V2400 and V2200

BenQ have recently launched two new widescreen LED monitors, one of the new monitors is the V2400 Eco and the other is the V2200 Eco, the V2400 has a 24 inch diagonal and the V2200 has a 21.5 inch diagonal.

The new LED monitors both offer zero light leakage, which helps them boast a impressive 5 million:1 contrast ratio, obviously as the screen doesn’t require a back-light blacks are very dark and whites are very bright, also as the monitor does not require a back-light the power consumption is lower than comparable monitors (approximately 36% less than traditional CCFL displays).

No US price is currently known for the monitors, however in India the V2400 Eco is selling for Rs. 18,999 and the V2200 is selling for Rs. 14,999, I done a quick currency conversion and this equates to around 393.659 USD for the V2400 and approximately 310.7793 USD, obviously don’t take this conversion to seriously, check out TechTree for more details. India > News > Consumer Electronics > BenQ Launches Two Widescreen LED Monitors