Best box/device for IPTV


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Sorry to drag an old post up but just seen this question so wasn't being rude and ignoring. I'll add some info about the Amiko box so at least I'm adding something of interest to an old post. The remote I've found is piss poor to put it direct and simple. I need direct line of site to the box. Also realised the sound on the box using open atv image is up and down like a pro's nickers on every channel and advert. Never consistent, not even on the same movie at times. Voice will be at a nice level then a background tune will come on for a scene and its blurring! Not tried a different image so not sure if this is a hardware or software problem.
Yes I had to flash the box for a relative a few weeks ago and the remote is the same.
You have to be a metre away from the box for it to work and even then it has to be at 90 degrees...89 degrees and nothing happens :cautious: