Black Friday Ads: Netbook vs. Notebook


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Black Friday Ads: Netbook vs. Notebook

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 01:41 AM PST

Black Friday Ads: Netbook vs. Notebook

When it comes to Black Friday deals, the products that appear on ads the most are netbooks and notebooks, many of you often have trouble understanding the differences between both. A notebook is another name for a laptop and a netbook is a smaller version of a notebook.

The netbook often costs less which makes it very appealing to those on a tighter budget. However these can be hard to work on all day, so you will need to think before you purchase, although shoppers normally do not think on Black Friday, they tend to turn into vultures looking for the scraps of bargains left.

There have already been a number of great deals on netbooks and notebooks in the early build up to Black Friday, and more will be on the way very soon. If you were thinking of getting one of these devices, best to wait of a few weeks to get the best deals.

Although netbooks are able to run Windows 7, be careful as they will often come with Windows XP or even Linux. If you wish to have a netbook running on Windows 7, you may have to purchase the upgrade, but not certain if this will be the cheaper option.
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