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I'm thinking of buying the Blade streaming box, can anyone provide me with a C:line or give me any information on them?



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They are IPTV boxes, I would look at a MAG 250 - 254 before a Blade, you can update them easier.

Cheaper boxes are MXQ, they are supplied "fully loaded" as in all the channels are set up for you.

Some streams are free but if you want a good service for Sky Sports or Films and that sort of thing you will
need to subscribe to a server.

You add their "channel" to your box through the addons menu, log in and they will provide a service without the glitching
that the free streams will give you.

Servers charge approx. £20-30 per month for a full package, if you want a limited package say for just sports you can expect to pay around £10 per month.

It doesn't use C Lines like sat and cable boxes, it's like logging on to a site with a username and password.

Scroll down to the IPTV and Streaming section, there is more info in there
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