Boo hoo hoo!


Im happy but im sad lol!
FLORIDA Getting nearer!!!!!!!!!!1 :)

Just paid my holiday so im happy coz it means we are getting there, but sad coz my bank balance looked nice n healthy this morning - now its empty.
Not going til October but it had to be paid by next week. so now we can save and what ever money we save for our holidays we know is ours to spend no more things to pay out for. Just now waiting for the $ to go up so we get more for our money lol!


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Well good for you Linny :)

Have you been before? & what part are you heading too?

I've been once & enjoyed it I must say.



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you want the dollar to come down so your currency buys more of the dollar..
enjoy the hols, i really enjoy the states have been several times.
11 weeks to the 1st October, but who's counting?????


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sorry guys im going to Orlando Disney actually. Boys are 16 and 19 but hey we are all kids.
And Yes been a few times before. Still go so much we want to do. I did the Space centre when i was 18 but not done it since so we plan to go there, plus never done boggy creek air boat rides - cant wait for that. Plus i know that somewhere not far from disney there is a reptile place where i can see snakes getting milked! awesome!
Oh plus there is the shopping lol and then the shopping, more shopping
Problem is trying to to fit everything into a 2 week vacation is NOT easy lol!
so any suggestions of anything good local to Disney/Orlando please share
dollar yesterday was $1.58 - would like it to get to about $1.60 - last time i went it was almost $2 to the £1 then it made things to us real cheap.
our park tickets for disney and orlando flexiticket have come to about £2000 GBP