Budget computer build help


My bro really wants a computer for Christmas but my mum is to skint to get him one so I was going to try and build him one with an old graphics card I have. Could someone please help me find the right components, he will most likely use the comp to play world of warcraft/minecraft

I wanted to build it around the graphics card I have - geforce 9500gt.

My budget is around £200 - £300

any help no matter how little is a big help because i've never built one before :(


go to ebuyer.com you can buy a ready built zoostorm tower for under £300.00 without an o/s,check it out
Good Luck!


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I bought a similar system too about 2 months ago, it had a Quad Core processor with a built in AMD Raedon HD 6530d (guess) graphics card. Your Nvidia card is probably way better then that anyway.

This is the best one I could find, only difference is that it's a TriCore:
It's up to you if you want to still build a new one, or go for a ready made one like this, it's alot cheaper since it comes with no OS, but I'm sure you can get your "hands on that" somewhere.
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