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Burnout Paradise experts awarded with free Diamond P12


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by Xav de Matos { Jun 28th 2009 at 10:00PM }

In our excitement to introduce you to the latest DLC content for Burnout Paradise, we completely overlooked one of the key rewards added to the game. Yes, we've already mentioned how gamers can get their hands on free toy versions of the Legendary Cars on Big Surf, but did you know an elusive ninth free car is available for online experts only?

Completing all of Burnout Paradise's 500 online freeburn challenges -- including everything from the original game and all new timed and freeburn challenges in the Cagney update, Bikes Pack and challenges on Big Surf Island -- nets players a diamond-branded P12. Finish it all and nab the exclusive ride, free. What better way to show off your Burnout Paradise superiority than driving around in a diamond-studded speed demon?! The race is on for our community's first official Diamond P12 owner. It shouldn't take you long, you're part of the gaming elite.

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