Bust-a-Move Live! pops onto ESRB


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by Richard Mitchell { 20 hours ago }

Good news, puzzle poppers, an Xbox 360 listing for a new Bust-a-Move title has been spotted on the ESRB database by Siliconera. The new entry in the bubble-popping puzzle series is entitled Bust-a-Move Live! and ... we don't know much else about it. Given that it's on Xbox (probably Xbox Live Arcade), we would certainly hope it contains Xbox Live play. Siliconera notes that the WiiWare release, Bust-a-Move Plus, has downloadable puzzles, so it's possible we'll see them in the Xbox release as well.

Even without downloadable puzzles, Bust-a-Move is one of the better puzzle series out there, and we're glad to see it heading to Xbox 360.

From - http://xbox.joystiq.com/