buying a laptop


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looking at getting a cheap lappy.
iv come across these any input on them would be appreciated.
compaq evo 400c £160.
ibm t23 £160.
ibm think pad 600e £120.
dell c610 £199.
any ideas if its worth buying one of them.
sites called portable universe.


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just this 7th, email,msn. just normal day to day stuff.

I currently have an Acer travelmate 2420. Bought it for £400 at comet a few years back, just had a random search on a few laptops and for that same amount you can get way better specifications. I use my laptop here and there, checking emails, chatting on msn, listening to music (hardly on the laptop), and browsing around on forums). The load is pretty much alright for the laptop aswell. Eventhough i've got an Intel Celeron Processor with 256MB Ram, and only a 40 gb harddrive! (mind you i dont install much stuff either so i can cope with that). I seen a pretty good deal going on at PCWorld. about £295 for a Dell Laptop, and i'm pretty sure it must be good to a reasonable extent to suit your normal day to day stuff.


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il have a look dan cheers, just wont a back up if the pc goes bang. i dont download
nowt, so thats not a problem


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i bought mine for 500$ USD it's an acer extensa 5620-4020 and it can do so much more than just browse the net and send e-mails. Heck it's got a dual core processor.