C line doesnt de-code after reboot?

im using wooshbuild.

on my pc,
i have created a ccam file, entered the code.
saved to usb stick. then using usb cam importer imported it to my zgemma h2s.

works fine decodes all chanels perfect.

however when i turn the box off, and load back up i cant view the sky chanels?

if i FTP into the box, i still have the ccam.cfg file still there, with the correct code in it?

the box seems to be losing the setting when its rebooted?

tried creating the file and ftp'ing, not usong cam importer but doesnt work.

where am.i going wrong?


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Something I noticed quite some time ago, and hasn't happened to me for quite a while, (Though has happened to a mate of mine recently) is that the cam gets turned off for some reason.
Press the red button, then go into softcam panel, is the cam 1 set to no cam, or the one you actually need? (ccam, or mgcam)
Also, when you are powering down, do you use the "Deep Standby"option? that is the ideal way to shut down.
I found this on the cam importer with ipab. The cam doesn't switch off just doesn't work after a reboot.

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all sorted now thanks to your reply.

when i pressed red, went to softcam panel, it was set to none.

selected ccam2.3 and it still loads up after a reboot.

strange though, as i have another zgemma box and the usb cam importer saved the cam details after reboot.

thanks :)