Cable Canget softcam 1.35a working on Zgemma H.2h



I have a Zgemma H2 which is working fine on virgin cable i am using mgcam 1.35a on that box. I have now bought a Zgemma H.2H and set it up that same as the H2 but for some reason the softcam will not turn on and work. i have installed the 1.35a mgcam, in the softcam panel i select start but bothing happens there is no info in the box below like there is on the H2 box. The have entered my line and newcamd.list and mgcamd file in the usr/keys directory so everything is fine there. I just dont know what the cam will not start.

i have also tried the 1.38 cam.

Any thoughts.

Thanks in advance


thanks but that still is not working. Shouldi be plugging the virgin cable into the top socket at hte back of the box or the bottom socket. It is currently on the bottom socket if i put in the top one the the scanning for channles fails. on the H2 box it was on the top socket but for some reason on the H.2h it seems to only scan on the bottom socket


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It should be the top socket try a backup to see if it helps bioheads image for cable only or mine for both sat and cable


If you're scan is picking up channels, its in the right connector. It looks like that's another issue.

Are you able to get any test lines working?