Cannot scroll down "empty" EPG


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Hi all

Got a couple of boxes this affects, an Octagon SF8008 and a [email protected] HD51. Both up to date with OpenATV and Wooshbuild infinity.

I've been messing around with IPTV and on the whole it's ok but I have a weird issue whereby if there's no EPG available, so the channels are listed but the EPG itself is blank, then I'm unable to scroll up or down the EPG. It'll be in whichever slot (usually the first) that the EPG had been in prior to moving to that bouquet and the only way to scroll is basically to hit OK to go into the channel then the up & down work as you'd expect.

It's a tad annoying to say the least - especially on things like VOD. Anyone have any ideas?



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try rescanning epg again for normal sat/cable then see if problem is still there
Yeah this is ongoing - plenty of rescans performed. Plus, as I said, it's happening on two boxes.

The missing items aren't the issue for me - it's not being able to scroll past them.

Thanks, though.