Can't get setup with any supplier


as the post suggests I'm having issues getting any replies from reccomended suppliers but sure if I'm just being unlucky or if something is going on

I posted this afternoon on the request thread had several inboxes reccomending suppliers I've now emailed 4 different suppliers asking for a 24hr test and includes the MAC address for the mag 254 box throughout the day and received no replies whatsoever

Is something going on?


Hi, Majority of good IPTV suppliers are dealing with their existing C/S base emailing them with "my lines off" or "whats going on" emails.
Then they have the new "I need IPTV" emails.
So don't worry if people are slow getting back, this Sky problem has thrown a lot of people a curve ball in a short space of time.
Give it a few days/weeks to settle down, the people will start responding and you will find a good provider.
Do not rush into a cheap/poor provider or you will regret it, put the TV remote down for a few days and relax.