Capcom puts Marvel vs Capcom 2 release near 'the end of July'


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by Ben Gilbert { 2 days ago }

Further clarifying reports from nearly two months ago surrounding the release of Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBLA/PSN, Capcom's Twitter account is putting the game's digital release "closer to the end of July." Oddly enough, the statement claims to not know where the "rumor" came from, though Marvel Entertainment's Q1 2009 financial report (sourced below) was clearly the culprit.

In the month or so you have before the game releases, you should probably head over to Shoryuken's MvC2 forums to find out how badly you're going to get stomped online. And yes, you will get stomped. We all will.

Source -- Marvel Q1 2009 Report [Warning: PDF Link]

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