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Capcom: Resident Evil franchise nears 40 million units, SFII still best all-time sell


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By: Richard Mitchell

According to Capcom's investor relations website, the Resident Evil franchise has clocked nearly 40 million units sold since the series inception in 1996. The next closest to that is the (much older) Mega Man franchise, which has managed to move 28 million. Behind Mega Man is the Street Fighter franchise with 27 million to its name.

Even though Street Fighter can only lay claim to the third best franchise for Capcom, Ryu and friends can still boast about one thing: Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo, which released waaaaay back in 1992, remains the company's all-time best seller, pushing 6.3 million copies. That said, Street Fighter II had better watch its back, as Resident Evil 5 has already sold 4.4 million copies since it released in March, nearly surpassing the 4.9 million copies of Capcom's second best seller, Resident Evil 2.

[Via Gamasutra]

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