Car Insurance and how to reduce it.


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Ok lets just say you insured your car 3 years ago and you gave the insurance company the value of the car as being lets say 5,000 euro now including other criteria your premium includes the value of the car,now what people tend to forget including me untill recently that obviously the value of the car drops year by year,so the initial value that you gave the insurance company of 5,000 Euro has dropped significantly in the last 3 years so each year you renew your insurance your premium is based on the initial 5,000 Euro that you valued your car at even though your car could now be only worth 2,000 Euro so if you write off your car now, you are not going to get the 5,000 back you are going to get the book value of the car which is now only 2,000 Euro so rather than paying your premium which you are charged the initial value of the car,well each year you renew drop the value of the car to the current years book price and it should save you a little bit of money and in these current times every little helps .
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I just tried to reduce my premium by reducing the value of the car, but One Direct(underwritten by Hibernian) tell me that this is not a factor on my policy.